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Thank You Cake

I was asked by Topro Ltd to make a cake for one of their loyal customers, Purbeck Mobility Centre in Wareham. Purbeck Mobility is a small, independent mobility shop run by Lorraine and Andy with the help of their Dog Blue!

Thank you cake for Purbeck Mobility
Thank you cake for Purbeck Mobility

I had a blank canvass of what I could do, which was anything! So, after looking through their webite I thought it would be important that the cake I design should reflect their business colours. Therefore, when I was working on a design for the cake, I utilised Purbeck Mobility's logo and design of it.

The sponge cake was a rich chocolate cake with a chocolate buttercream ganache filling. After covering the whole cake with a chocolate gnache I then put the coloured fondant onto the cake.

The design incorporated tiny little fondant Daisy flowers around the side so the cake. A couple of larger fondant Daisy flowers were made to go on top of the cake too.

I am pleased to say that the overall effect of the cake was fabuous and the design worked really well.

My client was very happy with it ....

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