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Fabulously Chocolatey Cake

Everyone loves CHOCOLATE don't they?

Let's have a little history lesson -The history of chocolate cake goes back to 1764, when Dr. James Baker discovered how to make chocolate by grinding cocoa beans between two massive circular millstones. A popular Philadelphia cookbook author, Eliza Leslie, published the earliest chocolate cake recipe in 1847 in The Lady’s Receipt Book. Unlike chocolate cakes we know today, this recipe used chopped chocolate. Other cooks of the time such as Sarah Tyson Rorer and Maria Parloa all made contributions to the development of the chocolate cake and were prolific authors of cookbooks.

In 1886, American cooks began adding chocolate to cake batter, to make the first chocolate cakes in the US. The Duff Company of Pittsburgh, a molasses manufacturer, introduced Devil's food chocolate cake mixes in the mid-1930s, but introduction was put on hold during World War II.

From it’s delicious taste, to its rich texture, the chocolate cake is considered to be one of the best desserts of all time.

The next time you and your friends indulge together, wow them with some of these fun chocolate facts.

  • It takes 400 cacao beans to make just one pound of chocolate

  • White chocolate isn’t considered to be chocolate because it doesn’t contain any cacao solids or cacao liquor.

  • The mere smell of chocolate increases the brain waves, which trigger relaxation.

  • Chocolate has an antibacterial effect on the mouth, as eating pure cocoa has been shown to prevent tooth decay. Which raises the question, why does no one produce chocolate-flavored toothpaste?

So, now let me show you some of my favourite chocolate cakes that I have made for customers over the years.

The classic chocolate sponge cake with rich chocolate butterceam covered in chocolate fingers, chocolates and strawberries is a real winner!

This has been made many a time over the years and is still my favourite cake to make.

Let's see which is better - DARK chocolate or MILK chocolate? Which one are you going to vote for????....

Which do you prefer - DARK or MILK Chocolate?

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  • Write an answer

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about chocolate and looking at my cakes. If you have a celebration coming up and would like a chocolate cake please do get in contact with me.

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