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Celebration Cakes

Get inspired by my wide array of Celebration cakes.   Creative Cakes by Kaz can create a beautiful masterpiece for every occasion including Anniversary, Retirement, Christening, Easter, Father's or Mother's day, oh and Christmas! 


Delectable, desirable, and beautifully designed, check out some cake examples to see what can be made. 

25th Anniversary Number Cake
Doctors retirement cake
60th Anniversary Cake
60th Anniversary Cake
40th Anniversary Heart Cake
25th Wedding Anniversary Cake
90th Birthday Cake
Pretty Flower Christening Cake
Anniversary Croquet Cake
50th Anniversary Cake
25th Anniversary Cake
Ruby Anniversary Cake
Strawberry and Chocolate Cake
Chocolate and Strawberry cake
Fireworks cake
Retirement Cake
Retirement Cake
Retirement Cake
Retirement Cake
Easter Bunny Cake
2 tier Easter n Cake
Simnel Easter Cake
Christening Cake
2 tier Teddy christening Cake
Christening Cake
1st year cake
Fathers Day Cake
Garden Themed Cake
Gold and Guitar Cake
Royal Cake
Weed Themed Cake
Naughty Cake
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