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"Its Just a Cake", No It's Not!!


When a couple gets married there is always a picture of the bride and groom cutting the wedding cake. When people go to a wedding, what do they talk about? The dress and the wedding cake!

A wedding cake or a birthday cake is the centerpiece of that event. Do you remember what you got for your birthday when you turned 10? Probably not, but you may remember your birthday cake.

Custom cakes are not just cakes. They are works of art that are central to the celebration.

I try and price my cakes according to the design and size of the cake required, and obviously Wedding Cakes are priced slightly higher as lot more detail needs to go into them.

So, what makes a homemade cake so much better than a supermarket cake?

Homemade cakes are often more budget-friendly. A cake that has similar ingredients to a store-bought one is still much cheaper. Not only that, homemade cakes are much more personal in nature. Lastly, when making a cake I can control what goes into the cake properly and accommodate the needs of the client.

Masked Ball Birthday Cake

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