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What to do with leftover cake?

Left over cake? There's no such thing, surely?

Yes, I have to agee there is not a lot of left over cake in my house! If you have recently had a birthday, wedding or some other celebration or just been on a baking spree, you might find that you have more cake than you can eat before it goes bad.

Great news, I have plenty of solutions for you! There are always things you can do with cake to transform it into something else.

Make Cake Balls

There is nothing better in my opion than mixing crumbed cake with buttercream and chocolate.

Take your left over cake and crumb it in a bowl with a few spoonfuls of buttercream. Then either add some melted chocolate, or a bit of milk and mix with your hands until the mixture sticks together and you can make balls out of it.

Hot Cake with Ice Cream

Who doesn't love chocolate and ice cream together? Put a slice of cake in a bowl and heat it a bit in a microwave and then put lashings of ice cream or custard on top of it. YUMMY!!

Make a Trifle

What better way to use left over cake in any flavour which can be easily disguised by the layers of custard and whipped cream topping.

Freeze the Cake for Later

If you don't want to do any of the options above then why not freeze it. Cut up into slices and put the in the freezer, that way you can defrost the cake one slice at a time.

ct fit for you.

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