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5 Cakes and a Funeral

Wow what a week I had last week! 5 cakes to make and go to my Uncle's Funeral is Essex.

I did it, I completed them all on time and my Clients were very happy with them.

So, the first cake was the Flying Scotsman Train cake, this one took nearly 2 days to complete, I think I must have taken off the wheels about 4 times and did them different every time until I got the right look.

The 3 Tier USA themed birthday cake was a fun cake to make with the star toppers. Each teir is on its own cake board and every tier had wooden dowels to supprt the cake above.

No it's not a Guitar as everyone keeps saying it's acutally a Ukelele!!!! Oh gosh that chocolate fondant actually smells of chocolate it is amazing to work with.

But I think my favourite of the week was this one.

The sponge is actually Elderflower, Lemon and Poppyseed, not made this flavour of cake before but it all went really well together. It also had an Elderflower buttercream filling.

I loved hand painting the leaves onto the cake, brought back memories of doing my Art in school!!!

Then, I had a last minute request from a friend for a birthday cake for her daughter - how could I refuse?

This was another first for me as she requested an American style cake, so had to do a 7 minute American meringue frosting and it did literally take me 7 minutes to make it. If you would like the receipe then comment below.

And in amongst doing these 5 fab cakes I also had to take the time out to go to Essex for my Uncle's funeral! Which due to a limit on numbers at a funeral due to COVID there was no Wake to go to, however when we all can we will get togther and have a party to celebrate his life.

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